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Happy Book Birthday, CITY OF SAVAGES!

We’ve got two books hitting shelves today (double the celebration!), and the next one is the intense CITY OF SAVAGES by Lee Kelly!


About the Book

After the Red Allies turn New York City into a POW camp, two sisters must decipher the past in order to protect the future in this action-packed thriller with a dual narrative.

It’s been nearly two decades since the Red Allies first attacked New York, and Manhattan is now a prisoner-of-war camp, ruled by Rolladin and her brutal, impulsive warlords. For Skyler Miller, Manhattan is a cage that keeps her from the world beyond the city’s borders. But for Sky’s younger sister, Phee, the POW camp is a dangerous playground of possibility, and the only home she’d ever want.

When Sky and Phee discover their mom’s hidden journal from the war’s outbreak, they both realize there’s more to Manhattan—and their mother—than either of them had ever imagined. And after a group of strangers arrives at the annual POW census, the girls begin to uncover the island’s long-kept secrets. The strangers hail from England, a country supposedly destroyed by the Red Allies, and Rolladin’s lies about Manhattan’s captivity begin to unravel.

Hungry for the truth, the sisters set a series of events in motion that end in the death of one of Rolladin’s guards. Now they’re outlaws, forced to join the strange Englishmen on an escape mission through Manhattan. Their flight takes them into subways haunted by cannibals, into the arms of a sadistic cult in the city’s Meatpacking District and, through the pages of their mom’s old journal, into the island’s dark and shocking past.

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Critical Praise

“There are plenty of heart-pounding moments in Kelly’s debut, and an abundance of vividly imagined details bring post-apocalyptic New York City to searing life. But the biggest risk is not one that the characters take–it’s Kelly’s bold spotlighting of the bonds between women…  Phee and Sky’s alternation of first-person, present-tense narration is unusual and effective… This bold choice for Saga’s launch lineup puts both the imprint and the author on track for idiosyncratic success.”
—Publishers Weekly

“In Kelly’s debut dystopian fantasy, Red Dawn meets Escape from New York and The Hunger Games.  Kelly obviously knows her way around Manhattan, and her use of the subway (home to cannibals!) and other landmarks helps her create a setting that is all the more bleak and creepy for its being familiar. Expect to hear more from the talented Kelly.”

“Gripping stuff.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Kelly’s prose is gorgeous and brilliant as she seamlessly tells a satisfyingly dark tale through alternating the sisters’ points of view. The two voices of the strong female leads are perfect for showcasing the story of human nature, self-preservation, and the strength of the familial bond. The surprising plot layers will keep readers invested through every twist and turn until the last page. Very dark and violent in places, the story is extremely intense but keeps the shining bond of the two sisters in the forefront. This is one of the best and most original dystopian stories available…an absolute must-have.”
VOYA, starred review

“Intriguing, exciting and unusual.”
—S.M. STIRLING, author of the Change series

“There are plenty of heart-pounding moments in Kelly’s debut, and an abundance of vividly imagined details bring post-apocalyptic New York City to searing life.”
Publishers Weekly

Congratulations, Lee, on an extraordinary debut!

New Book Deal for Stacey Lee!

Huge congratulations to Class 2K15 member Stacey Lee on the sale of her second novel, UNSINKABLE MERCY WONG, to G.P. Putnam’s Sons!StaceyLeeNewDeal

We adore Stacey’s debut novel, UNDER A PAINTED SKY, and we can’t wait for another diverse historical YA from her. Learn more about Stacey and her books here!

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Cover Reveal for Charlotte Huang’s FOR THE RECORD!

Guys, it’s time for the final cover reveal of our 20 Class 2K15 debuts! Charlotte Huang’s FOR THE RECORD was revealed over on Me, My Shelf, and I today and the cover look as fun and exciting as the book sounds! Head on over there and you can enter to win the very first ARC, too!


Click here to learn more about FOR THE RECORD out from Delacorte in Fall 2015!

7 Class of 2K15 Books Are Junior Library Guild Selections!

It’s that time of year when the Junior Library Guild announces their picks for the season. And we’re so proud to say that 7 of our member books are Spring 2015 Junior Library Guild Selections!

Congratulations Dhonielle Clayton, Fonda Lee, Lee Kelly, MarcyKate Connolly, Renée Ahdieh, Sona Charaipotra, Valynne Maetani, and Virginia Boecker!

Happy Book Birthday, LOVE & OTHER THEORIES!

GUYS. The very first Class of 2K15 book is out in the world TODAY!  That’s right, LOVE & OTHER THEORIES by Alexis Bass is on the shelves in your local bookstore. Right. Now.

*launches confetti & cupcake cannons*



If you want more, you have to give less.

That’s the secret to dating in high school. By giving as little as they expect to get in return, seventeen-year-old Aubrey Housing and her three best friends have made it to the second semester of their senior year heartbreak-free. And it’s all thanks to a few simple rules: don’t commit, don’t be needy, and don’t give away your heart.

So when smoking-hot Nathan Diggs transfers to Lincoln High, it shouldn’t be a big deal. At least that’s what Aubrey tells herself. But Nathan’s new-boy charm, his kindness, and his disarming honesty throw Aubrey off her game and put her in danger of breaking the most important rule of all: Don’t fall in love.


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Critical Praise for LOVE & OTHER THEORIES

We’ve had the chance to read this book behind the scenes, and can vouch for its utter, gut-wrenching awesomeness. The critics agree!

“Careful, subtle and aching. ”
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“In her debut novel, Bass provides honest, incisive, and sometimes uncomfortable insights into the complicated intersections of friendship and romance, the ways sex can be wielded as a weapon, and the measures some teens take to protect themselves from pain.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Bass’s debut is an entertaining perspective on the battlefield of the teen dating world.”
—Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)


Congratulations, Alexis, on a wonderful debut!

Cover Reveal for Katie M. Stout’s HELLO, I LOVE YOU!

Today we finally got to see the adorable cover for HELLO, I LOVE YOU by Katie M. Stout revealed over on the B&N Book Blog. This cover combines illustrations with the character photos and looks as fun as it sounds!


Click here to learn more about HELLO, I LOVE YOU out from St. Martin’s Griffin in June 2015!

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Kirkus Calls UNDER A PAINTED SKY An “Impressive Debut”

Another starred review for a Class 2K15 member! Kirkus recently published a starred review for UNDER A PAINTED SKY by Stacey Lee:

UnderAPaintedSky-Cover“Emotionally resonant and not without humor, this impressive debut about survival and connection, resourcefulness and perseverance will keep readers on the very edges of their seats.”

Kirkus Reviews


We can’t wait for you to read this gorgeous debut, too!  Learn more about the book here and add it to your to be read list.

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Cover Reveal for Valynne Maetani’s INK & ASHES!

Our class has only a few covers left to reveal and we’re so excited to share Valynne E. Maetani’s lovely cover for INK & ASHES. The official reveal was held on several blogs including RT Book Reviews where you can enter to win an ARC. Just look at that gorgeous title treatment and the cool family crest!


Click here to learn more about INK & ASHES out from Tu Books in May 2015!

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Cover Reveal for THE WRATH AND THE DAWN!

Don’t you just love cover reveal season? The gorgeous cover has been revealed for Renée Ahdieh’s THE WRATH AND THE DAWN and we are loving this unique, intricate design! And to add to the awesome, you can read an excerpt of the book over on along with an interview withRenée!


Click here to learn more about THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, out from Putnam in May 2015!

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2K15 Uber-Awesome Class Launch Mega Prize Pack Give-Away!

In case you hadn’t realized it, today marks the official — that’s right, italics and everything — launch of the Class of 2K15, a group of 21 newbie authors who have books out next year. And to introduce ourselves and our books — and get you salivating, of course — we’ve put together this amazing, overwhelmingly awesome mega prize pack! One lucky winner will score an exciting array of goodies — from books to jewelry to movies and more — that all 21 of us have pulled together to reflect our debut books.

First, the JUICY STUFF. The actual prizes!


(Click any photo to view full size)

It’s winner takes all this time around — really, we do mean all. Here’s what’s up for grabs, along with a handy-dandy link to each author and their awesome debut book! So, you know, you can get to know us better!

1. Renee Ahdieh (The Wrath and the Dawn) is giving away a copy of Arabian Nights — which inspired her book —  plus some cool jewelry!

2. Courtney Alameda (Shutter) is giving away a San Francisco skyline necklace, and a Dracula lithographs tote, because that will totally get you in the mood for a good scare! (not pictured)

3. Chandler Baker (Alive) is giving away Stephen King’s Duma Key and HP Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu — which her characters are obsessed with in her book!

4. Alexis Bass (Love and Other Theories) is giving away a cool notebook, flashcards, and a paperback of Love And Other Perishable Items!

5. Holly Bodger (5 to 1) is giving away two crystal fish brooches & book swag, which tie into her Indian-inspired book cover theme!

6. Virginia Boecker (The Witch Hunter) is going old school, giving away a parchment stationary kit with a wax seal stamp!

7. Jen Brooks (In A World Just Rightis giving away a Timex Iron Man stopwatch, because her main character is a long distance runner.

8. Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton (Tiny Pretty Things) are giving away three awesome dance flicks — Center Stage, First Position, and The Company — to get you in the mood for a night at the ballet.

9. MarcyKate Connolly (Monstrous) is giving away Grimm’s Fairytales and a pressed rose bookmark — because you’ll find those things in the pages of her book!

10. Alison DeCamp (My Near-Death Adventures (99 % True!)is giving away a miniature lumberjack and embossed wood grain note cards.

11. IW Gregorio’s (None of the Above) book has been described as Middlesex meets Mean Girls, so she’s giving away a copy of each.

12. Charlotte Huang (For the Record) is giving away a Metallica T-shirt and a pair of feather earrings because her main character wears them onstage in the book!

13. Lee Kelly (City of Savages) is giving away a Mapping NYC Coffee table book — because the book is set in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

14. Fonda Lee’s (Zeroboxer) book was pitched as Rocky meets Gattaca, so she’s giving away a copy of each film!

15. Stacey Lee (Under A Painted Sky) is giving away a jade-like bracelet in a silk purse, not unlike the one featured in her book!

16. Valynne Maetani (Ink & Ashes) is giving away a gift bag containing a necklace with a cloisonne bead and Japanese candy! YUM!

17. Moriah McStay (Everything That Makes You) is giving away a classic Moleskine notebook because her main character has stacks of the notebooks she writes poetry in!

18. Cindy L. Rodriguez (When Reason Breaksis giving away bookmarks, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, and a box of Pop-Tarts! Because: Fun! (And the book is partly inspired by Dickinson!)

19. Katie M. Stout (Hello, I Love You) is giving away a K-Pop CD — The Boys by Girls’ Generation — because the main character in her book falls for K-Pop idol!

20. Francesca Zappia (Made You Up) is giving away a Magic 8 ball, because the book features one!

Okay, now that you’re totally salivating, here are the rules! Here’s how to enter, all for free!

Check out the rafflecopter below, and follow the easy-peasy instructions!

Extra points if you’re a Librarian, Bookseller or Teacher (verifiable via email) — but that’s not required!

You can also enter by:

-Subscribing to our newsletter
-Following us on Twitter
-Liking our Facebook page
-Following us on Tumblr
-Following us on Instagram
-Following us Pinterest
-Tweeting about the giveaway
-And last, but certainly not least, commenting on this very post!

Please note the legal mumbo-jumbo: entry is free, free, free! And we’re limiting the give-away to US and Canada only, because it would be crazy-expensive to ship this mega prize pack any further than that! Thanks for understanding and stay tuned – we’ll have international giveaways later in the year!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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